Bird Control

Feral Pigeon

Also known as city doves or street pigeons, they are descended from wild rock doves. They thrive in our towns and cities, making use of seemingly inhospitable areas of tall buildings with the smallest amount of shelter.

Feral pigeons usually produce 2–3 broods per year with two eggs in each clutch and new eggs can be laid when the young are just 20 days old - without any control the numbers can grow dramatically.

If you are suffering with pigeon problems we offer a free survey and will provide advice and recommendations to help deter these nuisance birds.

Pigeon control and prevention is necessary for many reasons, most are associated to health risk and disease.

However, other reasons relate to guano fouling, which carries many diseases, parasitic insects, unsightly mess and can cause acidic erosion to listed buildings, heritage sites or your home.

Commercial and Agricultural

Feral pigeons can cause significant damage to commercial and agricultural ground, we can offer a discounted fee for ongoing pigeon control to commercial and agriculture clients.


The family includes herring gulls (Larus Argentatus) and lesser black-backed gulls (Larus Fuscus). These have become well adapted to living in our coastal towns and cities.

Since the 1970's the number of roof nesting gulls has steadily increased, causing many problems; noise, caused by calling gulls; mess, caused by their droppings; damage to property via nests which block gutters; birds can dive and swoop on people and pets.

Other Bird Species

You may have problems with other bird species that are affecting your businesses or home.

Species such as Canada Geese, Crows, Rooks, Magpies and Jackdaws can create health and safety issues, with bird mess, nests and damage to buildings.

We have many methods to help you and will carry out a free survey and discuss ways to suit your budget to stop your bird invasion.

Please note that in all cases we will work with you to agree a pricing plan that recognises your expectations and requirements.