Rabbits are one of natures most resilient survivors, in the UK the rabbit’s population is estimated at over 45million, rising around 2% every year.
These Rabbits cause around £150 million of damage every year. This does not include the cost of controlling or repairing their damage.


Signs of a Rabbit infestation

  • gnawing at low level on sapling trees

  • holes in lawn

  • sightings of rabbits

  • damage to vegetables and plants

  • rabbit droppings

Damage can occur in a wide range of locations from domestic gardens, golf courses, equine properties, agricultural land including crops, churchyards, sports fields and sapling trees.


In 1954 the pest act came into force across the UK of which requires landowners to control the number of rabbits on their properties.  Click here for more information.


We offer a wide range of traditional methods such as such as Ferreting, trapping, netting, shooting and where possible proofing.

Prices are tailored to individual client needs.

Please note that in all cases we will work with you to agree a pricing plan that recognises your expectations and requirements.