Grey squirrels were introduced to the UK in the late1800s. They’ve forced our native Red Squirrels into retreat and infected them with Squirrel Pox disease; this kills Reds but not Greys. Reds are now an Endangered Species. Greys, and the aggressive Black variants, are the only squirrels seen in some parts of the UK.

Grey squirrels are legally classed as pests. They spread fast because they can live in parks & gardens, in villages & cities as well as in much of the countryside. They breed up to 7 young twice a year; that’s an awful lot of pest squirrels to control.


Cage and tunnel trapping is the most viable option for controlling squirrel populations in confined spaces such as housing. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981, it is an offence to release trapped squirrels back into the wild. With this legal caveat in mind, We will dispatch of squirrels humanely following their successful capture.

We use single, live capture cages or humane tunnel traps and endeavour to check cages daily. Once caught, the squirrels are removed outside and disposed of humanely. After trapping the rodents, we will guarantee to dispose of their carcasses in line with environmental and local authority regulations.

Please note that in all cases we will work with you to agree a pricing plan that recognises your expectations and requirements.