Mole Control

'Proud members of The British Mole Catchers Register'

At Woodside Pest Control we provide am effective & humane service for the removal of moles.

We always opt for the traditional mole catching technique of trapping rather than poisons, gases or chemicals.

Domestic, commercial and agricultural clients often require various levels of service, so our prices are differentiated, quotes will be given on an individual basis, based on requirements.

Domestic Clients

In gardens of an ‘average’ size, there is usually only one to two moles, for this reason I find the most appropriate method is to charge for the laying and hire of traps, and then per mole captured to optimise value for money for the client.

Commercial & Agricultural Clients

These rates typically relate to farmland, paddocks, sports fields, golf courses, churchyards, camping sites, commercial areas and areas covering a larger acreage, and are often affected by multiple moles.
Dependant on your requirements and the level of infestations there are a number of options available and consideration can be given to reduce costs ‘per mole’ or a contract based on a specific agreement and expectation of mole control. This might mean initial clearance then regular visits to the perimeter of the land to deal with any new activity.

Please note that in all cases we will work with you to agree a pricing plan that recognises your expectations and requirements.